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İzmir Buca
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Izmir Buca

Considered the largest district of Izmir in terms of the number of people living, Buca has developed considerably in recent years and has increased its popularity. Although there is a belief that it has no historical texture, the date that appears as the first settlement date of the district is 630 BC. For this reason, it is possible to see many historical artifacts in this area. In addition, İzmir Buca is one of the districts that stand out with its natural beauties.

Izmir Buca Rental Car

With the presence of Dokuz Eylül University campuses in the district, İzmir Buca, where the young population is high, has also developed in terms of rental cars. This situation is due to its proximity to holiday resorts not only for business purposes but also for tourism. If you prepare a list of places to visit in Buca, which hosts local and foreign visitors almost every period of the year, you can give the first place to the historical tissues in the district. Make no doubt that you will have the opportunity to visit all the natural beauties in the district thanks to Izmir rental car models that you will arrange as safe and affordable. Now, if we concentrate on historical textures, the places you should see and discover respectively; The Protestant Church, which started to be used in 1834, the Historical Aqueducts, which were added to our cultural heritage by the Romans, are Greek Houses because it was a busy area where Greeks lived for a period. After visiting these areas, you can go to Şirinyer in your car that you have obtained from our car rental Izmir company. You can go to the famous Forbes Way of Love to show whom you ask here. You can use this area for souvenirs or a lunch break.
Afterwards, you need to turn your route to natural beauties, but before going on a nature trip, you can go to the Mevlana Statue with the car you bought from the Izmir car rental company. We are sure that you will love the view of the city from here. It is useful to take a rest and take a rest in this area because you will continue on the road at full speed and go to Buca Yedigöller, Buca Gölet, Kaynaklar and Hasan Ağa Park.

Izmir Buca Car Rental Companies

Visitors who love nature travel and wish to spend time in peace with their loved ones will need to contact our company, which is a pioneer in the car rental sector in Izmir, in order to gain access to these areas in the Buca region. Likewise, having a comfortable and comfortable vehicle under you will make your travel more interesting as you will be traveling in a large area.
Our company, Herycar Rent A Car, will always be with you in the selection of Izmir Buca rental car companies. Thanks to our employees who provide service 24/7 and can produce instant solutions, you will be able to receive the most affordable vehicle for your needs instantly.

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Location one way fee
Pickup Location Drop Location Minimum Rental Duration One way fee
İzmir Bucaİzmir Adnan Menderes Airport International Terminal3 day(s)20,00 €
İzmir Bucaİzmir Adnan Menderes Airport Domestic Flights3 day(s)20,00 €
İzmir Bucaİzmir Center Office3 day(s)20,00 €
İzmir Bucaİstanbul Sabiha Gökçen Airport International Terminal10 day(s)150,00 €
İzmir Bucaİstanbul Airport International Terminal10 day(s)150,00 €
İzmir BucaAntalya Airport International Terminal10 day(s)300,00 €
İzmir BucaAnkara Esenboğa Airport International Terminal10 day(s)100,00 €
İzmir BucaAydın Didim7 day(s)200,00 €
İzmir BucaMuğla Milas Bodrum Airport10 day(s)75,00 €
İzmir BucaAydın Kuşadası7 day(s)150,00 €
İzmir Bucaİzmir Özdere3 day(s)100,00 €
İzmir Bucaİzmir Seferihisar5 day(s)100,00 €
İzmir BucaMuğla Dalaman Airport10 day(s)100,00 €
İzmir Bucaİzmir Karşıyaka5 day(s)20,00 €
İzmir Bucaİzmir Buca3 day(s)10,00 €
İzmir Bucaİzmir Alsancak3 day(s)20,00 €
İzmir Bucaİzmir Konak3 day(s)20,00 €
İzmir Bucaİzmir Bornova3 day(s)20,00 €
İzmir Bucaİzmir bus station3 day(s)20,00 €
İzmir Bucaİzmir Çeşme7 day(s)150,00 €
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