İzmir Çeşme

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Izmir Çeşme
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Izmir Cesme

İzmir Çeşme is one of the must-see holiday resorts with its population that almost triples the normal during the summer months with its density starting in the middle of spring. In Çeşme, which stands out with its entertainment life and will make you fall in love with its unforgettable natural beauties, you will also be able to sign magnificent photographs that will bear your signature.

İzmir Çeşme Places to Visit and Rent a Car

Çeşme, which will make other holiday resorts jealous with its deep blue sea, can make you feel yourself in a fairy tale city with its colorful streets. With the great intensity experienced in the summer months, İzmir Çeşme, where there is no place to take a step so to speak, will be able to satisfy you in the maintenance of places to visit. We can draw the first route of our trip with Alaçatı, which is constantly perceived as two separate districts. So much so that Alaçatı, which is more popular than Çeşme, is one of the first stops of those who say I need a breeze in these hot weather. You will be amazed by the texture of the stone houses in the neighborhood, which you can easily access with your car, which you can obtain from our Izmir Çeşme rental car company, and you will not be able to get caught up in the magic of colorful flowers. We can guarantee that you will not want to leave Alaçatı, where you can take photo shoots that will make your relatives jealous, watch the windmills and windsurf with a little adrenaline. You can easily reach this rare place, which is 90 km away from the airport, with Izmir Adnan Menderes car rental service.
Your next sightseeing stop will be Erythrai Ancient City, known for its red lands. This settlement, which takes its name from Greek and is called "red city", has remained from the Ancient Age. However, do not forget to consider the 09: 00-16: 00 hours to enter this area. We don't need to say don't forget to go to Çeşme Castle, which is also home to the festivals of the district and was built in 1509, right? By the way, to give a small footnote about the castle; This castle was opened in 1965 as Çeşme Archeology Museum and you will not be able to get enough of the dazzling view of Çeşme.

Now is the time to jump into Çeşme waters, which enchant you with its fragrant scent, isn't it? You can turn your route into spots that make a name for themselves with their beaches with the car you buy from our Izmir Çeşme rental car company. With our firm Herycar Rent A Car, which does not spare you its support in this regard, our first route suggestion will undoubtedly be Çeşme Ilıcaları. Before you can get enough of swimming in the pool consisting of thermal water, you can set your route as Donkey Island. Especially if you like underwater sports, you may not want to leave the island. Famous for its popularity, Ayayorgi Bay, Pırlanta Beach, Boyalık Bay, Kocakarı Beach, Sakızlı Bay, Altınkum and of course the indispensable beach areas, you should definitely go to the beach areas with your rent a car Izmir company. Finally, if you are one of those who say whether to come here and stop by Chios, you can take advantage of the gate visa application and explore Chios Island.

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Location one way fares
Pickup Location Drop off Location Minimum Rental Duration One way fee
İzmir Çeşmeİzmir Adnan Menderes Airport International Terminal10 day(s)75,00 €
İzmir Çeşmeİzmir Adnan Menderes Airport Domestic Flights10 day(s)75,00 €
İzmir Çeşmeİzmir Center Office3 day(s)60,00 €
İzmir ÇeşmeAydın Didim7 day(s)200,00 €
İzmir ÇeşmeMuğla Milas Bodrum Airport10 day(s)150,00 €
İzmir ÇeşmeAydın Kuşadası7 day(s)250,00 €
İzmir Çeşmeİzmir Özdere3 day(s)200,00 €
İzmir Çeşmeİzmir Seferihisar3 day(s)200,00 €
İzmir ÇeşmeMuğla Dalaman Airport10 day(s)150,00 €
İzmir Çeşmeİzmir Çeşme7 day(s)200,00 €
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