İzmir Bornova

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Izmir Bornova
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Izmir Bornova

Izmir is one of Turkey's most beautiful cities is one of our special city wondered where people of all ages. Izmir Bornova is one of the must-see places in the city, which is considered one of the turning points of both its modern structure, friendly people and entertainment life. This beautiful district, where the young population is concentrated and has a lively life, is located on the slopes of Yamanlar Mountain. There are many areas to visit in the district, where Ege University, which is identified with the city, is located.

Izmir Bornova Car Rental

If you have decided to make a tight city tour and your starting route will be this district, the first thing you need to do is Izmir Bornova car rental companies. Thanks to our Izmir car rental company Herycar, all your problems will come to an end in the district where there is an activity and entertainment that does not lose its mobility at all hours of the day and is suitable for everyone.

You will be able to turn your direction to Küçükpark immediately with your rental car that you can obtain from our company. There are cafes, restaurants and entertainment venues in this area, which is one of the most famous places of the district. Since it will be difficult to drive a car in this area, which is frequently visited by young people, you can park your rental car in a close location. Of course, Homeros Valley is not one of the routes to be forgotten. Especially if you are one of those who love to be in touch with nature, you should definitely add this valley surrounded by endemic plants and ponds to your list of places to visit.

If you like to explore historical textures and different architectures, Mary Magdalene Anglican Church is one of the places you are looking for. This church, which has hosted thousands of visitors since 1857, will impress you with its architecture and deep-rooted history. Of course, do not forget to taste the local delicacies of the city on your Bornova tour.

When it's time to buy a gift from the city and make your relatives happy, you can go to Forum Bornova with the car you have obtained from our car rental company in Izmir. This area, which will offer a visual feast, is the first open-air shopping point of the city. There are also restaurants and cafes in this stylish place where dozens of brands are lined up side by side. We already guarantee that you will enjoy this shopping center, which was opened in 2006 and will give you the feeling of traveling in a miniature version of Izmir.

Daha Büyük Görüntüle
Location one way fee
Pickup Location Drop Location Minimum Rental Duration One way fee
İzmir Bornovaİzmir Adnan Menderes Airport International Terminal3 day(s)20,00 €
İzmir Bornovaİzmir Adnan Menderes Airport Domestic Flights3 day(s)20,00 €
İzmir Bornovaİzmir Center Office3 day(s)20,00 €
İzmir Bornovaİstanbul Sabiha Gökçen Airport International Terminal10 day(s)125,00 €
İzmir Bornovaİstanbul Airport International Terminal10 day(s)125,00 €
İzmir BornovaAntalya Airport International Terminal10 day(s)300,00 €
İzmir BornovaAnkara Esenboğa Airport International Terminal10 day(s)100,00 €
İzmir BornovaAydın Didim7 day(s)200,00 €
İzmir BornovaMuğla Milas Bodrum Airport10 day(s)100,00 €
İzmir BornovaAydın Kuşadası7 day(s)150,00 €
İzmir Bornovaİzmir Özdere3 day(s)100,00 €
İzmir Bornovaİzmir Seferihisar3 day(s)100,00 €
İzmir BornovaMuğla Dalaman Airport10 day(s)100,00 €
İzmir Bornovaİzmir Karşıyaka3 day(s)20,00 €
İzmir Bornovaİzmir Buca3 day(s)20,00 €
İzmir Bornovaİzmir Alsancak3 day(s)20,00 €
İzmir Bornovaİzmir Konak3 day(s)20,00 €
İzmir Bornovaİzmir Bornova3 day(s)10,00 €
İzmir Bornovaİzmir bus station3 day(s)20,00 €
İzmir Bornovaİzmir Çeşme7 day(s)150,00 €
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