İzmir bus station

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Izmir bus station
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Izmir Bus Station

İzmir Bus Terminal, which was opened in 1998 and has been operating since then, continues to carry passengers to both intercity and districts. Public transportation vehicles and commercial taxis carry passengers from the terminal building in Bornova district, which welcomes visitors to the city for business and visit purposes at any time of the day. However, as many people know, many people turn to Izmir bus station rental car companies instead of using public transportation in such a crowded environment or using commercial taxis that are costly and pushing the budget. Thanks to these vehicles, which can be rented daily, weekly or monthly, you can get the chance to get rid of the city traffic and to go anywhere you want with your own control.

Izmir Bus Station Rental Car Companies

The bus station building, which plays a major role in the city entrances and exits, at all hours of the day, is experiencing a much higher density than normal, especially in spring and summer. Although this is of course influenced by the fact that the city is being wondered by local and foreign tourists, its proximity to holiday resorts takes the big impact. For the visitors who flock to beautiful and relaxing holiday villages, the first thing that comes to mind is of course Izmir bus station rental car companies. Thanks to our company, which has never withheld its support and professionalism from its customers for years, you will be able to get the service of your dreams with a single button.
Izmir, which is constantly growing and developing, has also made a breakthrough in car rental. Thanks to the rental cars that provide great convenience for both in-city and out-of-town visitors, it is quite easy to have a vacation both alone and as a family. You will want to meet our company Herycar Rent A Car, the shining star of Izmir, with a variety of rental cars that provide great comfort to people and leave the management of time to you.

Car rental Izmir is a rent-a-car company that comes to mind immediately when we say Izmir, with its different vehicle fleet, competent staff and many branches. Thanks to the Herycar Izmir rental car, which has been in love with this business since 2001 and is active 24/7, your requests will turn into reality instantly. It will be enough for us to inform you of the time you will get off at the bus station by choosing your vehicle via online booking method or customer service. As soon as your bus approaches the terminal and you take your luggage, your vehicle will be delivered on a turn-key basis, with all checks and insurance procedures and documents already prepared. Moreover, you can deliver your vehicle to the holiday resorts of Izmir, especially to our head office. You can contact our company immediately to get more detailed information and to resolve any questions you may have.

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Location one way fee
Pickup Location Drop Location Minimum Rental Duration One way fee
İzmir bus stationİzmir Adnan Menderes Airport International Terminal3 day(s)20,00 €
İzmir bus stationİzmir Adnan Menderes Airport Domestic Flights3 day(s)20,00 €
İzmir bus stationİzmir Center Office3 day(s)20,00 €
İzmir bus stationİstanbul Sabiha Gökçen Airport International Terminal10 day(s)100,00 €
İzmir bus stationİstanbul Airport International Terminal10 day(s)125,00 €
İzmir bus stationAntalya Airport International Terminal10 day(s)300,00 €
İzmir bus stationAnkara Esenboğa Airport International Terminal10 day(s)100,00 €
İzmir bus stationAydın Didim7 day(s)200,00 €
İzmir bus stationMuğla Milas Bodrum Airport10 day(s)100,00 €
İzmir bus stationAydın Kuşadası7 day(s)150,00 €
İzmir bus stationİzmir Özdere3 day(s)100,00 €
İzmir bus stationİzmir Seferihisar5 day(s)100,00 €
İzmir bus stationMuğla Dalaman Airport10 day(s)100,00 €
İzmir bus stationİzmir Karşıyaka3 day(s)20,00 €
İzmir bus stationİzmir Buca3 day(s)20,00 €
İzmir bus stationİzmir Alsancak3 day(s)20,00 €
İzmir bus stationİzmir Konak3 day(s)20,00 €
İzmir bus stationİzmir Bornova3 day(s)20,00 €
İzmir bus stationİzmir bus station3 day(s)10,00 €
İzmir bus stationİzmir Çeşme7 day(s)150,00 €
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