Rental Agreement


HERYCAR ARAÇ KİRALAMA LTD.ŞTİ, which leases the vehicle specified in this contract with rent. "LESSOR" will be named as "LESSOR" whose signature will be found on the front page and to be used for rent.


1. The Renter has rented the vehicle subject to the contract to the RENTER to be used on the specified dates and with the conditions stated below. With the signature of the contract, the tenant has accepted that he has received the vehicle undamaged, in working condition, together with the spare tire, tools and documents, and if there is no contrary agreement, he will return it to the place where he bought it, on the day and time written in the contract. The lessor offers the same vehicle or fuel, gear and segment similar to the customer.

2. The tenant acknowledges that the vehicle in question is in good condition in terms of both mechanics and bodywork, and that the vehicle has no signs of damage or accident (other than those specified in the vehicle delivery report).

3. Upon the expiry of the rental period, the tenant will not be able to extend the rental period unilaterally. The tenant will deliver the vehicle subject to the contract to the address notified to him on the day the rental contract expires. The tenant acknowledges that failing to deliver the vehicle despite the expiry of the contract period constitutes a crime under the provisions of the criminal law and will not keep the vehicle outside the rental period. It accepts and declares that it is aware that it cannot benefit from insurance, guarantees and legal rights after the end of the rental period and / or during illegal vehicle use.

4. The tenant accepts, declares and undertakes that he will not be able to use the vehicle in the following situations.

 a) Towing or pushing another vehicle or trailer

 b) Racing, speed, determination, rally, trials, motor sports

 c) On roads closed to traffic and unsuitable

 d) In the transportation of cargo or goods that exceed the loading limit in a way that damages the vehicle.

 e) Having taken alcohol or drugs,

5. The tenant must comply with the highway regulations and applicable laws. The tenant is responsible for the expenses (penalty, connecting a vehicle, towing a vehicle, etc.) in case of criminal proceedings due to the use of vehicles contrary to laws and regulations.

6. The tenant is responsible for the penalties to be applied as a result of the accidents caused by violating the traffic rules on the roads and their guides (traffic fines, expenses incurred as a result of connecting and withdrawing the vehicle subject to the rental, and other costs incurred as a result of the relevant accident).

7. Upon the tenant's request, Mini Damage Insurance is also sold with the prices determined for the relevant daily date. Mini Damage Insurance covers material damages (excluding tire, glass, headlight damages) that occur up to the amount determined on the vehicle, without the need for a police report with the customer written statement.

8. The tenant cannot let third parties use the vehicle without the consent of the lessor. In the event that the Lessor wants to use the vehicle to a third party and the Lessor agrees to this, it is obliged to register the identity, address and license of the third party to use the vehicle in the contract and to ensure that the person authorized to use the vehicle fully complies with all the terms of the contract.

9. When the vehicle is not used by the tenant, the tenant is obliged to take precautions against possible accidents or theft. The tenant has to park the vehicle in a safe place with the doors locked as a precaution, provided that the license is not left in the vehicle. If the vehicle is stolen, it must deliver the vehicle's key and license to the nearest Herycar office within 24 hours, provided that it proves that it has notified the relevant security units. In the event that the aforementioned measures are not taken and / or the vehicle is caused to be stolen, the tenant agrees to pay the vehicle price and other damages.

10. In the case of transporting goods or passengers by vehicle, the tenant is exclusively responsible for any damage and loss that may occur to the property or passenger.

 11. Tenant; by declaring the correctness of the residence and e-mail addresses specified in this contract, it will notify the lessor of any changes in these addresses with a notice sent from the notary public, otherwise the administrative and legal notifications to be made to the address written in the contract will be deemed valid and no objection will be made regarding the notification.

12. At the beginning of the lease, temporary blockage is applied in the form of guarantee from the tenant's credit card in varying amounts depending on the vehicle group. The tenant agrees in advance that he will not object to the collection of additional rental days, fuel shortage, damage, traffic fines, etc., over the blockage. Highway, bridge, etc. tolls will be paid over the amounts loaded by the RENTER on the HGS labels on the vehicles and this amount will be collected from the RENTER.

13. If the rented vehicle has been delivered to the Lessee by the Lessor as a full warehouse and
If the will return the vehicle with the missing fuel to the lessor, the tenant will pay a 30% service fee and VAT to be added to the fuel amount.

14. The RENTER has a usage limit of DAY / KM or MONTH / KM for the period specified in the contract for the vehicle he drives. Unused km in the month will not be transferred to the next month. It accepts and undertakes to pay 50 KRŞ additional fee for every 1 KM that the tenant exceeds this usage limit.

15. The tenant may terminate the contract or refrain from extending the term of the contract at any time without giving reasons and without having to pay compensation.

16. The tenant acknowledges that the vehicle (s) he rented in accordance with this contract are aware that there are systems that provide geographical location identification, especially vehicle tracking system, but not limited to this.

 17. All periodic maintenance, oil, etc. changes of the vehicle allocated to the use of the tenant will be carried out by the LESSOR primarily at its own services. In cases where this is not possible, the said transactions will be made at the contracted or authorized services that will be notified by the written permission of the LESSOR and the price paid will be invoiced to the LESSOR.

18. Expenses of repair, spare parts and tire replacement as a result of normal use and aging belong to the lessor. Repairs, parts and spare parts to be made as a result of negligence and misuse other than normal use (oil-free, waterless use, damage caused by incorrect or illegal fuel, tire splitting). In case the vehicle does not move, the costs of the tire and the transportation expenses made for the transportation to the rented place and the remaining fee of the vehicle by calculating the current tariff belong to the tenant.

 19. In the event of damage and / or breakdown in the rented vehicle, the Renter is responsible for the vehicle arriving to the Lessor or to the place specified by the Lessor in a safe manner that will not increase the damage. Even if support is received from the Lessor, the cost of attractive and other services belongs to the Lessee.

20. The tenant or the additional driver whose information is in the contract is insured with the traffic insurance policy. The lessor is loaded in the amount of compensation it can receive from insurance companies within the limits of compulsory liability insurance coverage, whose legal liability that will arise as a result of accidents damaging third parties. All material and moral compensation and legal responsibility above this amount belongs to the tenant and the lessor has the right of recourse to the tenant. The tenant will also take the following measures to protect the interests of the lessor and the lessor's insurance company in the event of an accident during the rental period;

a. To obtain the names and addresses of interested parties and witnesses.

b. Not accepting the crime unless the responsibility or the crime is fixed,
c. Not leaving the vehicle without taking adequate security measures,
D. In case of any accident and damage, calling the nearest Herycar office, and also completing the accident report of the lessor, including the necessary scheme,
to. If it is necessary to determine the crime of another person or if there is a wounded or dead person, inform the nearest police immediately.

In the event of any accident, regardless of the fault of the tenant or a third party, the payment of the rental fees will continue in the period that will pass for the repair of the vehicle.

The tenant also agrees, declares and undertakes to pay the loss of value due to the damage and the loss of commercial gain during the repair period over the daily amount specified in the contract.

 21. Tenant; is responsible for the theft of the rented vehicle regardless of its defect, damage to the vehicle as a result of any accident, loss of value and loss of earnings during the repair, and transportation expenses incurred to bring the vehicle to the rented place. It accepts, declares and undertakes to pay the rental fee until the end of the period for the repair of the vehicle or theft,

22. Although the tenant has accepted the Standard Insurance coverage and Mini Damage Insurance applied by Herycar, under the following conditions,
In case of damage, it accepts the liability of damage and related expenses without objection,

a. If he / she is under the influence of alcohol and / or drugs during the accident,
b. In cases where it is stated in the accident detection form / report that the accident is caused by the tenant's one-sided fault (In case similar records are stated, including but not limited to not adapting the speed of the vehicles to the weather, road, view, technical specifications and traffic situation / not using them appropriately)

c. In case the legal speed limit is exceeded and it is stated on the accident detection form that the accident occurred due to speed,

D. In cases where the accident report is not prepared in unilateral accidents, the statement is filled incompletely in bilateral accidents, and alcohol reports are not received,

to. In deliberate accidents,

f. Driving with high speed, etc. damage caused by carelessness and intent,

g. In case of damage caused by the use of wrong or illegal fuel,

h. As a result of tire puncture, due to driving on the rimwhite damage,

I. In case of using vehicles against traffic laws,

j. In case of using driver's license against traffic laws,

k. In case of an accident by people other than the drivers specified in the rental agreement,

l. Association of Insurance and Reinsurance Companies of Turkey; In cases where insurance companies do not pay the insurance fee due to the breach of the conditions determined for the insurance policies,

m. In the event that the tenant causes damage to the upper parts of the vehicle (as a result of hitting objects such as bridges, balconies, branches, etc.), the tenant is obliged to pay the damages, even if they have received traffic insurance and damage guarantees.

n. Material damages and treatment expenses given to third parties and passengers in the vehicle are limited to the compulsory traffic insurance limits of the vehicle, and all responsibilities and liabilities that may occur, including moral damages, belong exclusively to the tenant.

23. The repair costs of the damages caused by the breach of the rules specified within the scope of the Rental Agreement, all expenses and compensations caused by the accident are paid by the tenant.

24. The jurisdiction of any dispute arising from this Agreement is İZMİR Courts and Execution Offices.

                    This contract has been read in 24 articles by the parties, negotiated and signed with a full agreement.



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