Izmir Shopping Guide

Izmir Shopping Guide

Izmir Shopping Guide

Welcoming its visitors in all four seasons of the year due to its mild weather, İzmir is among the cities that most people prefer for shopping. Thanks to the Izmir shopping guide we have prepared for people from both the surrounding provinces and districts and those who prefer this place for a city tour, you will be able to easily decide what and where you can buy. So much so that there is a shopping point suitable for everyone in Izmir, which is among the first routes of many travelers.

The city, which is usually toured by rental car Izmir companies, can make a name for itself in every period with its natural beauties, historical texture, local flavors and unique coastal towns. If you are among the people who prefer the Izmir route for the holiday you will plan this year, you should do a short research about Izmir shopping centers, bazaar and local markets after your list of places to visit. It will make the job of shopping enthusiasts easier to examine the places you can choose by separating them into groups, whether for needs or to buy gifts for your loved ones.

1.Kemeraltı Bazaar

Think of a bazaar where you can find everything you are looking for, yes, anything you can think of that you wouldn't be mistaken for, is Kemeraltı Bazaar, which is considered to be the heart of Izmir. Kemeraltı Bazaar, which is crowded every day of the week and home to dozens of tradesmen, is one of the places that will fascinate you not only for shopping but also with its historical texture. If you are coming to the city for the first time and you are considering here for exploration, immediately turn your route to Konak with your vehicle that you will acquire through Izmir rent a car companies. You know where the famous clock tower is. When you put your back on the clock tower and walk towards the historical buildings, you will reach a bazaar where small artisans welcome you. This is exactly that famous area we are talking about. If you do not use a watch, we will not be able to understand how time passes. In this bazaar, you will be able to see whatever comes to your mind, from wedding dresses to daily clothes, souvenirs, glassware and jewelery shops. This historical bazaar, which is one of the best places for affordable shopping, is also a place where you can find local products.

2. Bostanlı Wednesday Market

Known as Bospa, it is one of the most famous markets established in İzmir Karşıyaka. If you throw an injection in the market place, which has visitors of all ages, it will not fall to the ground. For this market, where you will never regret going, but recommend you to go in the early hours, you should go to Karşıyaka district with the car you bought from our Izmir car rental company. You can buy dozens of beautiful items at very affordable prices in the market, which especially appeals to those who love to shop for clothes. You can also see the fresh vegetables and fruits of Izmir in the market, which is also known as the "high society market". We wouldn't be exaggerating if we call this place an open shopping center because most of the products you will see in the name of textiles are no different from first quality. After the bazaar where you will go out with your hands full of arms, you should definitely continue to enjoy the day by drinking a fatigue coffee from its abundant foam on the Bostanlı beach.

3. Famous Shopping Centers of Izmir

We can say that shopping centers, which are considered to be indispensable today, in short, shopping malls, are the common point of everyone from young to old. If you want to come to a big and developed city like Izmir and see modern shopping points, keep your route wide, as well as for these shopping malls, many of which are located in different places, you should first buy a car from Adnan Menderes airport car rental company Herycar Rent A Car. Famous shopping centers of Izmir where you can visit with your car are as follows;

Izmir Park (Konak)
Forum Bornova (Bornova, Kazımdirik District)
Point Bornova (Bornova, Bagburnu)
Park Bornova (Bornova)
Asmaçatı AVM (Balcova)
Agora Shopping Center (Balçova)
İzmir İstinye Park (Balçova, Üçkuyular)
Egepark Mavişehir AVM (Mavişehir)
Mavibahçe AVM (Mavibahçe)
Hilltown Karşıyaka AVM (Karşıyaka, Mavişehir)
Optimum Outlet (Gaziemir)
Westpark Outlet (Flag)

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